Summertime in Barcelona

Once upon a time, I went for a jog in Barcelona.

I was amped on my superb natural directional skills, love for a good cardio workout with a view, and fluency in Spanish (okay, fine, they speak Catalán in Barcelona…whatev). After being in Germany, though, then making it to a more familiar climate and culture that Spain offered, I felt invincible and unstoppable. This is pretty much how Beyoncé must feel on the daily, I suppose.

Well, as it turned out, I must’ve taken a wrong turn somewhere because my hour jog turned into an uphill two-hour escapade around the streets of Barcelona. Whenever I asked people for directions, they’d laugh and say a rough equivalent of “Girl, you are so damn far from where you wanna be.”

After lots of hills and turns and stops for directions along the way, I eventually made it back to the loft to my travel companion, all snug and comfy in bed still while I had already gotten in more than both her and my daily exercise allotment.

Fast forward 8 years, and I feel like I’m going for a similar type of run; the type of run with one intent at the onset just to find myself amidst a different journey while in the process of running. Just replace Barcelona and a summer European vacation with Metro Manila and a willful two-year commitment and it’s basically the same thing, right?

Sometimes I just get so tired and drained but just like that fateful run so many summers ago, I know I will look back at this stint in the motherland with appreciation because, as the wise and rhythmic Daddy Yankee says, “Lo que pasó, pasó.” (Side note: Whatever happened to Daddy Yankee?)

Well, frankly, sometimes a run is just a run and a day is just a day. Maybe so. Or maybe all the I read is right and my chakras and spirit are being impounded and confounded by blockages in my chi and life force and we all need to collectively meditate for peace for this world to be lifted up out of the trenches it’s dug itself into.

Pwede rin.

Well, despite the chakra blockages and need for chi realignment, I somehow manage (not always gracefully but always authentically) to keep faith that every step I take is leading me eventually to where I’m supposed to be…wherever that may be. If you have any insight or recommendations, feel free to holler because I’m definitely open to directions just like I was that sunny day in Barcelona a seemingly lifetime ago.

Until my life’s purpose becomes clear as day to me and until I magically hit that moment of adulthood when I a) realize I am, indeed, an adult and b) decide and then take actions to own my adulthood and c) experience the instantaneous “got-it-togetherness” that of course comes with one reaching “adulthood”, I’ll just keep my pace and keep running.


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